Why outsource your web development

The pros and cons of outsourcing your web development

Having a business website is so standard nowadays that we don’t even need to discuss whether
an organisation should have one. Even the most basic online presence offers the security it takes
for a customer to take you seriously. So whether you’ve come to the conclusion that your current
website is no longer performing, or you are a new business establishing a first website, you’ll be
thinking about design and development.

What do you need from a website?
As online business presence has become more complicated over the last decade or so, the
breadth of potential websites has radically increased. Do you need e-commerce capability? How
about interaction? Will your website be both desktop and mobile friendly? What levels of security
should you employ? And this is all before you even start to think about SEO!

Top priorities for a website
So, with all these questions and unknowns floating around, what should be the key priorities for
your new website? In addition, how east is it to achieve these priorities if web development isn’t
your main skill?
Online users have increasingly high expectations and short attention spans. So if your web
design doesn’t immediately grab customer attention, you’ll lose them. Colour schemes and
layout matter. High quality images and graphics are a must. Similarly, attractive and
trending font choices. This is all knowledge held in dedicated web design teams.
User Experience is really the functional part of design. It’s placing everything to enable
streamlined progression through your website. In addition, concise text, clear menus,
optimised loading times and an intuitive user journey should be prioritised.
Your website should showcase not only your products or services, but your approach and
mission too. This all relies on consistent branding. More than just the presence of a logo,
the appearance and performance of your website all plays a part.
As an organisation grows, a website should continually develop in turn. By regularly adding
content and linking to and from your site, your website is more active. This attracts visitors
and improves search page rankings. Don’t forget, though, that Google’s criteria is inclined
to change regularly. In this way, ongoing support from a knowledgable website expert offers
ongoing gains.
Multi Platform
As over 50% of internet traffic worldwide is now via mobile devices, it’s vital to be mobile
friendly. A fast and functional site for mobile users will almost certainly increase sales and
raise your profile. With apps and social media to add to the mix, businesses must now
consider continuity of content and branding too.
Your website should overtly encourage visitors and customers to interact with your
brand. This can be achieved with well positioned call to action buttons. But it’s important not
to overdo it, which can be a turn off!. This balance is something that web developers are
expert at.

What are the benefits to outsourced web development?
It’s clear that the aesthetic and functional benefits of a professionally developed website offer a
superior product. What, then, are the day to day benefits that you’ll gain by outsourcing to a
The outsourcing process means that you have one point of contact if you need support, advice
or amends. This means that both sides can work more productively. So from messaging or
calls to portals, you’ll be able to quickly communicate with your outsourced partner.

From aesthetics to optimisation to SEO, the expertise at the fingertips of a web developer
offers tangible benefits to the online performance of your business. Where internal web design
is limited to one person, an outsourced agency has access to different people with different
backgrounds. This means that there is additional knowledge available, which is always
You want your website to be unique to your business. The problem with using templates is that
even with surface changes, the feel of your website can quickly become very familiar. By
outsourcing your web development, you will ensure a unique presence. The back end can be
customised to fit your organisation, and the skills that you want to employ. Similarly, the front
end will be designed to offer your customers exactly what they need to interact positively with
your brand.
A high quality of performance doesn’t just mean that your website jumps up the Google
rankings. It also ensures more satisfied customers. Fewer complaints for your business to have
to deal with, and more converted clicks. So the investment that you’ve made in third party
knowledge actually repays your business in sales conversions and time!

What are the challenges to outsourced web development?
Of course, not every circumstance is ideal for outsourcing web design. For sole traders ordering a
very straightforward service, an initial template website is perfectly sufficient. Successful
businesses grow, though. And at some stage, many small businesses find that they need to make
the leap to outsourcing web development. However it can be hard to recognise when this transition
has taken place.
Employing a third party to design and develop a website for your organisation has a price tag.
As you access the expertise and time of a team of individuals, the cost should be expected.
And clearly this cost is higher than building a basic template website. However, as with all
business costs of this nature, when considered as an investment it makes far more sense. A
professionally designed and developed website will of course perform optimally and withstand
organisation growth. This means that you are less likely to need a full web redesign in the
medium term than if you have built a more basic template website.
Relinquishing control of such an important part of a business can be hard, especially since your
business is close to your heart. After all, your website is how the vast majority of customers
and potential clients form their opinion of young can either convert or lose sales. This is why it’s
so important for you to choose your web design partner wisely. Meet different suppliers, and
make sure that you select a partner with proven and open communication streams with their
Perhaps your business is very niche. This makes you concerned that some web designers may
struggle to comprehend the important nuances that must be reflected in your website. This is
why communication and collaboration is so important. The expertise that web design agencies
have within their teams can often stretch over many different industries. And with your input,
they can really utilise their skills to to fulfil your industry needs.