Top engagement tips for your online storefront

Attracting visitors to your online store is just the beginning of your sales process. Naturally, you want these visitors to do more than just idly pass through. No matter how beautiful and dynamic your fully developed e-commerce site may be, you should still be taking extra steps to engage your visitors to turn them into customers. This will not only optimise your immediate sales but will also increase customer loyalty at the same time. Let’s have a look at some top engagement tips for your online storefront


This can be a tricky one to get right. Done badly, it can feel really irritating and unnecessary for your customer. But done well, you can inspire your customers to make extra purchases. You can take some or all of a variety of ways to present product suggestions, from links on the product page, as part of the checkout process or follow up emails. content personalisation programming algorithms / engine


Everyone loves a deal! And even though consumers are wise to a lot of promotion technique, it still gets a great return. Minimum spends for free shipping and promo codes and coupons are hard to resist. Especially if there’s a time limit on the deal. So give your promotions pride of place on your site and shout about them!

Social Media

Nowhere is it more lucrative to display your promotions, then, than social media. The habit of customers sharing the deals they’ve found is fantastic for distributing your name. But there are so many other ways to engage your customers through social media. Offer regular and engaging content that indirectly showcases your products.


The traffic of social media interaction is a fantastic way to generate both brand awareness and fresh content for your storefront. In this way, some businesses choose to embed their Facebook feeds on their storefront. If this feels too busy for you, seek other ways to offer relevant content which will create awareness in your future customers even when they’re not actively shopping. Non-sales based blog posts and newsletters are popular ways to go.


Communicating with your customers is not about bombarding them with a repetitive message. To engage your customers in your online store, you must build an environment of open, two-way communication.


Encourage feedback from your customers. Easy to view customer reviews mean that your product pages offer additional content to other customers. All without you having to write it! This cyclical information process displays transparency and encourages brand loyalty.

Email Follow Up

An email to follow up on a purchase can encourage additional engagement with your storefront. Whether for a review, a return to an abandoned cart, or additional purchase. Keep these to a minimum, though – your customer can easily feel bombarded.

Guest Checkouts

Sometimes the best communication between business and customer requires some space. By facilitating a guest checkout with an option to sign up later, you prevent alienating customers who may be pressed for time or headspace. This distance often pays back with returning custom.

Customer Support

Your visitor may need help for any number of reasons, and this assistance should not be hard to find. Increasingly, stores are choosing to employ a pop-up chat function. This works in much the same way as a shop floor assistant. But just as in real life, just be careful not to be too intrusive!

The recurring message of online customer engagement, then, is to facilitate as many ways of interaction as you can. But keep it gentle and discreet, as you can risk an adverse reaction! Talk to us at Planetwide City to help your business perfectly tread this very delicate line.