Super Secure

If you run a cyber security business, having your website hacked is the last thing you’re going to want. Equally, if you operate in the heavily regulated world of finance, you need to prove you have security covered.

This is where our super secure service can really support you.

We use what’s known as serverless technology. In essence that means a static website, but still with dynamic elements. So, it isn’t reliant on a server to find the website.

Aside from the security aspect, most of these sites are super-fast too. Meaning page loading time is quick, keeping the visitor engaged.

Additionally, scalability is very easy using this technology. So, we can easily add additional “bandwidth” if you suddenly go viral. And we’ve all got a horror story about a big corporate that got caught there!

We get that this all sounds a bit “techie”. And, in truth, it is. But that’s OK, because we’ve been doing this stuff a while and we get it.

More importantly, we get you too. You don’t need to know the technical detail. That’s what we’re here for. You want peace of mind, knowing your website loads quickly, is robust and secure and you can get the compliance peeps off your back.

If you’re ready to talk secure websites, we’re ready to listen. Give us a call on 01252 852 145.

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