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Search engine optimisation, or SEO as it is usually called, can seem like a lot of smoke and mirrors. Most business owners struggle to get their heads around just how to appear in the top spots on the search engines. The reality is that keeping up with the continuing changes in algorithms instigated by Google, Bing and the other search engines, is an ongoing challenge. There is a lot involved in achieving a good rank – how well your website is built and set up, the speed, how it performs on mobile and if it is secure. That’s the basics. Then to rank for the words you believe your customers would use to search for you, known as keywords, you have to do more work. Create relevant and appropriate links to other websites, build authority and so on. Yep, we hear you. It does sound like hard work, and it is. Can you do this yourself? Yes, absolutely. But you need to be constantly on it and keep up with the regular changes. And that’s not something most business owners either want to do or have time for.

This is where we can help you. Working with our sister business, Leapfrog Internet Marketing, we can not only ensure your website is set up properly, but also help with the ongoing work. We can identify what the right keywords are for your business and build a strategy with you to rank for the ones best suited to your company.

As certified Google Partners, it is our job to keep up with their latest requirements. We understand what is needed to keep you showing up in Google. And Bing. And more.

We can also support you with paid advertising on Google, which is known in the industry as pay per click, or PPC.

If you run an eCommerce business we can talk to you about Google Shopping too, and if that’s right for you.

Whilst SEO should not be your only marketing tool, it is an essential one. Showing up in the search engines is crucial to your business. And getting it wrong can be done very easily.

So, if you need to increase your search engine ranking, we need to talk. Drop us a quick message to arrange a chat.

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