Hampshire Business: Top Brand Facebook Pages You Can Learn From

The county of Hampshire is one of the most successful economies in the UK. Home to a diverse business community, including maritime, aerospace, manufacturing, digital and financial services, the region generates an incredible economic output that totals £50 billion. However, this economic goliath isn’t all about multinational, Forbes-listed companies. No, the economy is also driven by SMEs, and in particular micro businesses that account for 90% of all Hampshire businesses.

All of this means that Hampshire SMEs operate in an increasingly competitive local market. With limited budgets, it’s vital that Hampshire business owners select the best strategies to stand out from the crowd. Right now, during the pandemic, with rolling lockdowns and restrictions, it’s more important than ever to find ways to reach your client base online. Organic SEO can lift you up the rankings, but social media marketing also plays a crucial role in brand exposure and is an incredibly powerful tool for generating business growth. Think about it. You may not have an SW1 address or offices featured in Architectural Digest, but a beautifully crafted website and associated social media accounts places you on a level playing field with the most powerful businesses in the world.

But which social media platform should you choose? Here in the UK, some 50 million people have social media accounts. Facebook, You Tube, WhatsApp and Instagram are ranked as the top four networks, with Facebook far out-performing the rest of the field. In fact, in 2020 the platform had more than 2.7 billion monthly users, with 60% visiting daily. So if you get just one social media channel right, then make sure it’s Facebook.

However, it can be difficult to know what works and what doesn’t. What should you post? When should you post? What should you share? There are tools that can help determine these factors, but the best place to start is by looking at successful Facebook feeds. By studying what others are doing – and doing right – you can quickly create and curate fantastic, impactful content. Here’s a list of the top 10 brand pages in the UK, compiled by Facebook Statistics, for you to follow and emulate:

1.Amazon UK

Amazon achieves first position, with over 5.68 million fans. This success isn’t just down to the brand page, but also boosted by the company’s streaming and digital content.

2.British Airways

With over 3.27 million fans, this brand page lives up to the slogan ‘the world’s favourite airline’. It’s an incredibly informative stream, delivering a mix of flight and holiday offers, as well as travel advice and information.


This retail giant once led the way for in-store ordering, using the eponymous Next catalogue. It now uses Facebook as a fantastic e-commerce platform, wielding luscious photoshoots, as well as bloggers and influencers to attract and keep followers. It’s no wonder Next comes in the top three, with 2.87 million fans.


It’s no surprise that a supermarket chain makes it into the top five. Tesco launched their first Facebook page in 2011, using it to engage with customer feedback and offer exclusive deals. It’s success is clear, as it now attracts some 2.65 million fans.

5.Sports Direct

Coming in at 5th position, with just over 2.6 million fans, the Sports Direct brand page is a visual marvel. It combines e-commerce ads with competitions and inspirational videos to delight and inspire the company’s customer base.

6.Cadbury’s Creme Egg

In 2021, Cadbury’s Creme Egg is celebrating 50 years of being the nation’s favourite Easter confectionary. So it’s only right that it makes the top ten, with 2.32 million fans. This is unsurprisingly a light-hearted, incredibly entertaining brand page, with celebrity endorsements and teaser ad campaigns. You’ll even see Gary Barlow delivering a birthday message, so it’s well worth checking out for this alone.


Educational and informative, the AutoCAD Facebook page provides educational tips and TV-style videos to keep users informed. Attracting 2.26 million fans, the design software company keeps their content highly relevant and it’s also a great forum for customer interaction and users to share tips and ideas.


This is another example of where a company uses their social media page not only for slick advertising campaigns but also for customer feedback. With 2.19 million fans, you’ll see a great level of customer interaction on this Facebook page.

9.Xbox UK

A treasure trove of news, information, product releases and events, the Xbox UK page has a following of over 2 .1 million fans. Sumptuous videos and graphics are guaranteed, and even though you might not have the budget of these gaming giants, you can pick up some great tips from this page.


Coming in at tenth position, Asda has just over 2 million fans. Another supermarket making the top ten shows how advertising and customer interaction go hand in hand. One thing Asda does really well is relating to their customer base, and creating a ‘local’ feel to a national brand page.

We hope this article helps you create an engaging, innovative and successful social media platform for your Hampshire business. As you can see, there are many ways you can use Facebook to connect with existing clients and reach new clients. Above all though, it’s about creating and sharing content that’s relevant to your audience. New channels may keep emerging, but for business owners Facebook remains the most important platform. So if you have to choose one social media channel, then choose this one.

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