When it comes to eCommerce, we specialise in creating sites that turn your visitors into customers. More browsing = more buying, right?

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Is your eCommerce site achieving the sales you want? How often do you lose sales before checkout? Do you know where you are losing customers in the process?

A well performing eCommerce site needs several characteristics – great design, easy navigation to find products, strong photography and product descriptions and an easy buying process.

Of course, you need excellent optimisation, to be found on the search engines, but that’s a given with any website from us.

We will work with you to map out your customers’ journey on the website. Tell us what they might want to know along the way, and what else they might buy. We can help you to make all of that so much easier for them.

We develop our eCommerce sites using Craft Commerce. It is a very powerful platform and offers integration with most of the major players including Stripe, PayPal, Mailchimp, Salesforce and so on.

But you don’t need to be bogged down by the technology – that’s our problem to solve. You just want a great looking website that will convert into sales of your products.

Every website is bespoke, so you won’t see lots of other sites looking the same as yours. The beauty of that approach is also that it is built entirely around the needs of your business and the unique challenges you face as a business owner.

From start to finish, we can deliver everything you need to be up and running in no time with an impressive website. We will do the navigation plan, web design, content and build. We can migrate the content from your existing site and make suggestions about how to improve things further. We will also make sure the right optimisation is built in from the start, so your entire catalogue is indexed by the search engines.

If you’re ready to take your eCommerce business to the next stage, we’d love to build your new website. Give us a call on 01252 852 145.

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