Dani’s Three Month Placement

Summary of placement: Developed a tutorial website and started the development of two apps.

I’ve always craved a career in IT but never pinpointed exactly what role. In the past I have done various volunteering roles but never had the confidence to pursue work experience. Having not really done much IT through school, it was a big step for me when I chose to study ICT and Computing at 6th form college and I did surprisingly well…so I took it further at university as a degree where I found programming and website development my favourite subjects.

Since achieving my degree I worked part time at Yateley Industries for the Disabled on the Work Choice Program for over three years and also had a work experience placement with Hampshire Fire Service and then Abstract Print and Design. Due to the programs rule changes my APD placement was coming to an end but through local business networking, Tara knew Michael from Fleet 4 Business. She asked if he would be interested in having me for a three month placement and consequently started that here in March.

1st Project

To settle me in, Michael gave me a little project to create Planet Wide City’s tutorial website which in the near future will be used to create tutorial videos to help our clients make the most of their websites. We will eventually have our own YouTube channel where these videos can be easily accessed.

To create this website I had to learn my way around a CMS (Content Management System) called Perch as well as setting up hosting the website on localhost. I also had to refresh my memory of HTML and PHP as I hadn’t used these since university; five years ago…it is amazing how you start to remember stuff after so long.

2nd Project

My next project was a shopping list app called ‘Let’s Get Shopping’ created using Meteor (open source platform) and React (JavaScript library for building user interfaces). Having not used anything like this before was a steep learning curve for me. We hit a brick wall when meteor was updated then wouldn’t run properly on Windows, this had us all scratching our heads for days and I lost about a week’s work experience because of problems with updates and incompatibility but as technology is constantly changing all the time, everyone who uses it is always learning so this is to be expected.

3rd Project

In the mean time, Michael tasked me with a different app but after the problems that we had with the last app I went back to basics, pure JavaScript, HTML and CSS to create ‘Let’s Get Weather’. The app works around an API call from OpenWeatherMap which sends data that the user provides and then weather data is posted back. I really enjoyed creating this app and I am still working on it when I get spare time.

This was the most enjoyable part of my work experience here, I’ve never had the opportunity to make an app before or even know how to begin making one.


During my last week Michael offered me a part time position as a Support Developer(YIPPIE!). My role covers pretty much everything and is continuously expanding as I am learning more and more.

I had an absolute blast during those three months; I learnt so many new things and met some fantastic (geeky) people.