2019 – The Year of the Expo

So, we’ve got a brand new shiny product and we want the whole wide world to know about it!! Well, OK, maybe not the whole wide world, but certainly all businesses and business owners! And the best way to get the word out? Why, Expos of course.

That’s why we are hitting the Expo scene hard in 2019, attending what we can, where we can and spreading the word on our fantastic new product, NTT.

And first up…The Hampshire Business Expo on 26th February. This one is worth the visit alone due to the stunning location; one of the newest, sparkliest buildings on the Farnborough Airport site! We can’t wait to get set up in the swanky space and showcase NTT.

For those of you who don’t know, NTT Software is a Digital Business Automation (DBA) product, conceptualised, designed and developed by Planet Wide City for use within businesses. It really is the ONLY software system you will EVER need to manage all your business processes from one place and, it’s safe to say, we are super excited about it!! We truly believe this software can revolutionise your process management systems. It’s a bold claim, but it may well change your life.

So, come along and visit us at the Hampshire Expo, we’re on Stand 178, and you can see NTT in action, have a go for yourselves and sign up at special discounted show rates. Doors open at 9am and entry is free.

And watch this space for deats of our next Expo. We’re bound to be popping up somewhere!

To find out more about NTT check out the website